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YUCG x My Consulting Offer Live Casing Workshop

Updated: May 5

On February 22nd, 2024, the distinguished members of the YUCG team participated in a live casing workshop spearheaded by esteemed ex-Bain analysts, courtesy of ‘My Consulting Offer’.

What Is 'My Consulting Offer'?

With their esteemed team of former McKinsey, Bain, and BCG recruiters, managers, and consultants, the organization aims to prepare candidates for the competitive application process in the consulting industry. Through services such as resume workshops, live case interview practice, and behavioral interview preparation, ‘My Consulting Offer’ has successfully helped over 85% of its clients secure their desired job offers.

What Did We Do?

The casing workshop was broken down into three parts: first, explaining the purpose of live casing; second, an interactive case example with feedback; and third, a Q&A session for YUCG members to ask their hard-hitting questions about case interviews. During the time, the hosts broke down the entire process, explaining in detail how applicants can demonstrate their skills and also come across as people interviewers would want to work with.

The team covered a wide range of topics in depth, from general concepts like what structuring is and how to structure a case, to specific strategies like MECE (mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive). My understanding of case interviews expanded greatly from this webinar and I now have a new perspective on approaching cases. For example, Instead of starting an analysis with no clear direction, I feel confident about understanding the analysis's purpose, setting clear objectives, and making informed decisions quickly. More than that, ‘My Consulting Offer’ didn’t just teach us how to come up with responses, but showed us how to excel above the bar, with segments specifically dedicated to creativity and how to present uncommon ideas that interviewers may have never thought of.

What We Learned

In the hour we spent with the organization, we learned how to tackle a live case study effectively, ask meaningful questions, and come up with smart solutions quickly. This session significantly improved our ability to analyze problems and make decisions under time pressure. The highlight of the webinar was the interactive segment where we could present our solutions to problems live. Following this, we received feedback and advice that was instrumental in helping us understand and adopt the true "consultant mindset." 

Anyone who attended would likely agree they learned something valuable during that hour. Even our strongest members felt more confident and, surprisingly, eager to tackle upcoming interviews. It's astonishing how much I discovered about topics I thought were straightforward, like brainstorming. I thought of the concept as extremely simple, but now I understand that it holds a greater importance - to properly generate ideas for an open-ended question that can be presented in a logical way. The experience highlighted how every small detail of the interview process is crucial and how proper guidance can significantly enhance these aspects.

Conclusion of the Event

The casing workshop was widely regarded as a major success. I personally gained new insights from the experience, leaving me feeling significantly more prepared for the upcoming application cycle. The entire team was grateful for the opportunity provided by 'My Consulting Offer', and everyone left the webinar with a renewed mindset, armed with new tips and tricks, and had their most pressing questions confidently answered.

Moreover, YUCG is now equipped with a fresh approach to tackle our ongoing projects. The strategies we learned go beyond interviews; they're crucial for handling actual cases. My project is already benefiting from these new tools, enhancing our team's brainstorming sessions and our ability to develop solutions for our clients. It's thrilling to observe our new members learning and evolving as consultants, embarking on their first projects with better preparation thanks to the insights gained.

I can confidently say that this event was not just a tremendous success but also an initiative YUCG plans to engage in more frequently. All our members are enthusiastic about learning further and enhancing their skills to become exemplary consultants.

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