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Service Details
Our Services
YUCG employs extensive experience working with past clients, unique insight into Gen-Z and student populations, and exclusive access to Yale resources to provide both high-quality research and valuable insights for our clients. Ultimately, our members help our clients achieve their goals through development, optimization, and growth. 
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Project Breakdown
1-2 Project Managers
1 Executive Director
4-10 Consultants
10 Weeks
Our Commitment 
Highest Standards
Unparalleled Dedication
Unique Perspectives and Resources

Each year, we accept fewer than 10% of applicants through a competitive application process from a large pool of bright and capable Yale undergraduates. We invest heavily in our people, providing comprehensive professional development to refine technical competencies and nurture problem-solving skills. Our team members are diverse in functional expertise but share a deeply collaborative and results-oriented mission.

Our teams commit over 400 hours over the course of 10 to 12 weeks to complete significant projects and produce impactful findings. Each of our projects is helmed by a duo of highly-experienced project managers, directly supervised by our Executive Board, and guided by alumni advisors staffed in relevant industries. Clients are consistently impressed with our work and report tangible results, with many returning for future engagements.

YUCG is positioned to uniquely access Yale's students, faculty, alumni, and research. Harnessed with unparalleled perspectives and resources, our analysts are consistently producing tangible value and actionable insights for our clients. In past cases, we have leveraged alumni interviews, research databases, and Yale School of Management faculty to unlock innovative solutions customized to client needs.

Recent Clients
Past Clients

Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. The clients listed here have all explicitly provided permission
to be named and/or cited in YUCG promotional materials, and comprise only a selection of our total clientele.

 “YUCG were awesome partners and executed an impressive recommendation. The team met all deliverables and also stretched themselves to dig deeper into consumer insights before presenting a final action plan”
Our Research

YUCG's services extend far beyond YUCG's client services, dedicating ourselves to identifying and researching the blossoming trends of tomorrow in the hopes of enabling anything from local community organizations to Fortune 500 companies to better map out future plans of action. 

To see how YUCG can support your organization's goals, contact us here.

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Our Industries
The diverse backgrounds among YUCG members allow us to effectively serve clients across a variety of different industries. We have developed extensive experience and institutional knowledge in the industries listed below. Through our well-rounded training and project team curation process, YUCG is prepared to serve clients both within and outside our specialty industries.
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