Marketing and Branding

We employ tried and true marketing and branding strategy techniques in tandem with high quality research to ensure a successful marketing or branding campaign. Our deliverables focus on both quantitative and qualitative analysis, so that our branding campaigns effectively reach target markets. Past marketing projects have successfully budgeted hundred thousand dollar budgets to effectively reach target markets and establish strong brand presence.

Entry and Expansion

For projects concerning entry and expansion, YUCG delivers market sizing reports, entry strategy recommendations, and other forms of objective-oriented research. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently help clients enter new markets or expand into old ones. Past clients have successfully maneuvered their company from a service-led model to a product-led model with the help of YUCG.


One of the most popular services YUCG provides is financing and revenue growth. Many of our consultants come from finance backgrounds, and we provide deliverables that come with recommendations about financing options and market research. Recent projects include numerous start-ups that need capital sizing and finance options projects.

Process Improvement

YUCG excels in process improvement. Whether it is decreasing operating costs or looking to optimize transporation algorithms, our team is equipped with the quantitative and qualitative power to create optimizing recommendations for any company process. Recent projects include creating new technological avenues to replace old outdated methods of distribution.

Product Development

Our product development team works with young or new products that have risks and growth uncertainty. Our team delivers risk mitigation reports and produce growth strategy. We perform market research to find focus areas for certain projects. Recent projects have allowed us to properly identify and target a market for a technological product.

Data Analysis and Modeling

Our data analysis and modeling team excels. Comprised of math and CS majors, our team uses a variety of statistical and econometric methods to evaluate data of nearly any form. Our models help with anything from sales projections to financial modelling. Recent projects involve projecting market penetration from certain product initiatives. 

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