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Welcome to our Spring 2022 Members!

Spring recruitment has finally concluded, and YUCG could not be more excited to welcome 9 new members to our community! Each of our members showed exceptional problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills throughout every stage of the recruitment process (along with considerable enthusiasm and grit). And without further ado, an introduction to each of our members, starting from the top-left and ending at the bottom right:

Samantha White: Samantha White is a first-year student from Chicago, Illinois. She currently resides in Pauli Murray college and plans to major in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. She is also a member of YUPP and the Dwight Hall Allyship Cohort. In her free time, Sam can be found listening to music, reading, or drawing.

Kenny Li: Kenny is a First-Year in Pauli Murray College from Cleveland, OH. He is undecided on his major, but he is currently studying Mathematics, Economics, & Computer Science. Outside of YUCG, Kenny is the Co-Cultural Chair of the Chinese American Students Association and an Editing Head at Negative Space: An Asian & Asian American Oral History Project. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, creative writing, and creating song mashups.

Austin Wang: Austin is a Physics and Computer Science major in Berkeley College of Yale University. Originally from Southern California, Austin loves to build unorthodox concepts into products — one of them, Musicizer, is a music-fitness application that adjusts the tempo of your music to your running pace. In addition, Austin has academic interests in astrophysics and resource allocation, where he thinks about how asteroid mining could hypothetically crash sectors of the world’s economy. In his free time, Austin enjoys hacking new projects and startup ideas with friends, playing basketball and watching the Lakers, stargazing during late night walks, and listening to Studio Ghibli, classical music, or Jay Chou.

Churchill Akhigbe: Churchill Akhigbe is from Memphis, Tennessee and is currently a sophomore in Berkeley College. He enjoys playing basketball and is currently an active member of the club basketball team at Yale. Aside from basketball, Churchill spends his time either tutoring peers or and watching movies with his friends.

Mona Chen: Mona is a first-year in Ezra Stiles College and grew up in Beijing, China. She plans to major in EP&E and is interested in consulting as a means to constantly develop her understanding of the world. Outside of YUCG, Mona is a research assistant at Affective Science and Culture Lab. She can also be found in Yale Fashion House, dance groups, and randomly singing.

Amelie Lo: Amelie is a sophomore in Hopper and grew up in Singapore but moved to New York City last year. She is majoring in EP&E and joined YUCG to gain entrepreneurship skills and understand the business sphere more. Amelie is also a board member on Yale College Democrats, loves iced mochas, and is trying to eat at every restaurant in New Haven.

Taylor Robin: Taylor currently resides in Pauli Murray college, and is originally from Westchester, NY. She is a History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health major and also Premed. Taylor has worked at Columbia Medical Center as a research intern. In her free time, Taylor can be found singing with Yale’s acapella group Shades of Yale or hanging out at the Afro-American Cultural Center.

Andrew Dabrah: Andrew currently resides in Branford, and grew up in 3 different African countries. In addition to studying Chemical Engineering, Andrew is the President of the Yale African Student Association. He is also involved with Scholars of Finance and the Yale Carbon Containment Lab on campus. Andrew is excited to apply his leadership, presentation, and public-speaking skills to YUCG, an environment where he will work with individuals from many different fields!

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