“By giving me practice working on management consulting projects directly with clients locally and nationally, YUCG was invaluable in helping me prepare for interviews in many different strategic and financial roles.”- Chris, Class of 2020.  

Abstract Shapes

As a member of the Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group, students can hone their critical thinking skills and perform consulting services in the areas and industries they most care about. Without previous consulting experience, YUCG offers its members the opportunity to work as analysts and project managers on projects ranging from small community initiatives to global non-profit organizations, and on uprising startups to international corporations in finance, medicine, education, and transportation. This experience at YUCG will allow interested candidates to become leaders and innovators within the consulting industry and beyond.


YUCG is eager to provide newcomers and current members with a continuous supply of learning materials and aid for their professional development. Specifically, a training program for new members of periodic workshops on presentation skills, Microsoft Excel, and basic financial modelling aims to instill a concrete foundation for their future development. YUCG also holds workshops for resume and cover letter writing, and case interview preparation. Development is a story, and because of that, the group also hold panels and invites guest speakers such as industry professionals and former YUCG members to share their experiences and answer the questions you have.


The life of a consultant, just like a student and just as any professional, does not solely revolve around their area of work. The Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group is also an enjoyable experience outside of work. It is a closely-knit group of students who enjoy weekly dinners and regular meetings along with regular mixers with other pre-professional groups on campus. When time on campus becomes a regular, club-wide bonding events unfold like an escape room or laser tag match. Of course, the culmination of our project work over a semester is a formal event, a truly enjoyable night to reward us for our hard work. This organization is the embodiment of its members, and each one can make it their own.