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Bain Office Visit

Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group (YUCG) members recently had the privilege of visiting Bain & Company’s New York City office last month. This visit allowed YUCG members to bridge the gap between consulting experiences on campus and the world of professional practice. This office visit offered YUCG members a firsthand look at the inner workings of a leading consultancy firm and members of the Bain team provided valuable insights on what working at Bain is like.

Our day began with YUCG members taking a train together into NYC, where we started with a guided tour of Bain's office. It was interesting to see how every work bay had a fun theme and how a professional work setting retained a congenial environment.

Following the tour, YUCG members enjoyed donuts before diving into an informational session with Bain staff. This session highlighted the responsibilities associated with junior-level positions and we learned about various career journeys that led them to Bain. YUCG members also learned about Bain’s staffing process, which strategically aligns project assignments with team strengths and career development goals. One aspect of Bain’s staffing that stood out to us were the countless pre-professional development opportunities whether that be soft skills, technical skills, or practical real-world skills.

After the informational session, YUCG members were able to ask Bainies anything during a Q&A panel.  Our questions covered a range of topics from day-to-day operations to long-term project management techniques. Something that stood out to us was Bain’s collegiate-like atmosphere. Many Bainies were also YUCG and Yale alumni, who provided relatable perspectives on how Bain fits in their pre-professional journey. Just like the people in YUCG, Bain members enjoy going into the office when they don’t have to and often spend time with coworkers outside of work.  

Our visit to Bain & Company was more than just an office visit; it helped confirm consulting as a career path of interest for many YUCG members.  It reinforced the importance of applying what we learn in YUCG to real-world settings and confirmed the value of our training and development efforts. We are incredibly grateful to Bain & Company for hosting us in their New York City office and are excited for future opportunities with them!

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