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Leaving the world in a stalemate, the COVID-19 Virus has brought life—as we very recently knew it—to a halt, disrupting the very fundamental aspects of our society. From education to entertainment, from labor to travel, the vastness of this pandemic is still inconceivable. The repercussions of the virus itself and our government's response are yet to be realized.


Despite this uncertainty, YUCG is committed to completing projects remotely if necessary, fully understanding the world's crucial business needs during this difficult time. Along with this commitment, YUCG will also be recruiting new members in Fall, 2020. We are prepared to adjust our recruitment and application process to abide by social distancing measures to protect our members and applicants.

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YUCG is ready to conduct projects and, if necessary, our recruitment process via Zoom this Fall, 2020. 

Like the rest of the world, we are also in isolation; however, our organization remains steadfast in its vision and execution amid this black swan event. The members of the Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group are optimizing this time to further our message of aid and assistance to serve our communities and clients better than ever before as our communities reopen and head towards normality.


We extend our services at little to no cost to organizations involved in COVID-19 relief efforts. For in helping others, we find our purpose, and in this post-Corona age, we will be there, openminded, alert, and ready to serve.