Team Players

We want to work with a team that we can count on, both in and out of projects. YUCG members should be excited to create a strong community both as a team member and leader.

Analytical Thinkers

Being able to structure and resolve problems is a vital skill for any analyst. This skill comes with being able to break down problems into their component parts to more easily evaluate them.

Creative Thinkers

We look for people who can innovate new solutions and use different perspectives to solve problems. Your creativity should be motivated by forward thinking, and a desire to come up with completely novel approaches that challenge the status quo.

Excellent Communicators

The ability to express your thoughts persuasively and precisely is key to success in our work. All our members must be able to give clear presentations to clients.


YUCG will consume your time. We want people who are passionate about our projects and have an innate drive to improve our organization's performance and community. 

Abstract Shapes

Information Session

This meeting will include a formal presentation of consulting as an industry, YUCG’s past projects, and the application process. Following the presentation, the Recruitment Directors will be available to answer any questions and offer first-hand accounts of their time in YUCG. We’ll share some of YUCG’s incredible opportunities and a breakdown of what to expect from the application.

View the recording here.



Meet YUCG Drop-in

Come and meet the YUCG family! Ask us about classes,  our favorite off-campus food spots, Yale Hacks™, or anything else that comes to mind (of course, application-related questions are welcome too). Think of this as a chance to get to know the YUCG culture and community. We’re looking forward to meeting you all!

Zoom link:



Drop-In Hours

Anyone who has questions about the application is encouraged to attend. YUCG members will be available for a few hours to answer any specific application questions about the case, short answers, or resume.  Feel free to stop by for as long as you want!

Zoom link:



Application Deadline

When you’re ready, email us your application at


The application includes a series of short questions followed by a longer essay and asks for your resume. For more information on how to approach the application, check out our guide to the application​.

Applications are due at 11:59 PM ET.



Casing Workshop

We will offer a workshop to give applicants more familiarity with answering cases and working with consulting problems. This session might include sample case interviews, brain teasers, and quantitative problems. Come by if you are looking to improve these skills!

View the recording here.



Interview Weekend

After reviewing online applications, we will invite some applicants to conduct an interview with two YUCG members. We will ask a few background questions and evaluate your quantitative and qualitative case skills. Don’t be nervous! At its core, we are just looking for someone that we would want to work on a project with.




Final Decisions

You can expect to hear back from us by this date. Check your inbox for news! If you’re a first semester freshman, don’t worry if you aren’t accepted. You can always apply again second semester or as a sophomore.



For information on how to approach the application, see our guide to the application.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions! 

Note: The application is writing intensive and would be best completed on a computer (versus a mobile device).

Applications have closed for Spring 2021.