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Access to Alumni Working in Consulting
College Student and Gen-Z Perspectives
Executive Board Dedicated to Project Execution

Our teams of YUCG analysts employ their extensive experience working with past clients, unique insight into Gen-Z and student populations, and exclusive access to Yale resources to provide both high quality research and valuable insights for our clients. Ultimately, our members help our clients achieve their goals through development, optimization, and growth. 

Marketing and Branding

Customer Acquisition
Promotional Strategies
Brand Positioning Strategies

Entry and Expansion

Market Sizing Reports
Strategies for Entry & Growth
Launch Plans

Financial Strategy

Strategies to Increase Profitability
Financing Options Reports
Capital Sizing Projects

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Process Improvement

Cost Optimization
Improve Process Efficiency
Improve Resource Productivity

Product Development

New Features & Product Pivots
Competitor Analysis
Risk Mitigation Reports

Data Analysis and Modeling

Financial Modeling
Data Visualization
Sales Projections

Abstract Shapes

Each year, we accept fewer than 10% of applicants from a large pool of bright and capable Yale undergraduates. Our team members are diverse in functional expertise but share a deeply collaborative and results-oriented mission, spending as many as 35 hours on a project per week.


We also invest heavily in our people, providing comprehensive professional development to refine technical competencies and nurture problem-solving skills that analysts bring to their client engagements and beyond.Through our tailored curriculum designed with alumni working in consulting, our analysts are prepared with a wealth of industry knowledge, skills, and practices before they are staffed on projects.

We regard the our client's satisfaction with the utmost importance. Each of our projects is helmed by a duo of highly-experienced project managers, directly supervised by our Executive Board, and guided by alumni advisors staffed in relevant industries.


Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. The clients listed here have all explicitly provided permission to be named and/or cited in YUCG promotional materials, and comprise only a selection of our total clientele.